Supported Platforms and Build Requirements

bpt aims to be as cross-platform as possible. It currently build and executes on Windows, macOS, Linux, and FreeBSD. Support for additional platforms is possible but will require modifications to that will allow it to be built on such platforms.

Build Requirements

Building bpt has a simple set of requirements:

  • Python 3.7 or newer to run the bootstrap/CI scripts.

  • A C++ compiler that has rudimentary support for several C++20 features. Newer releases of Visual C++ that ship with VS 2019 will be sufficient on Windows, as will GCC 10 with -std=c++20 and -fcoroutines on other platforms. Note: Using newer compiler versions may cause trouble as they are untested, but adding support for these systems is planned.

  • On Linux, the OpenSSL headers are needed. This can be installed through the libssl-dev package on Debian/Ubuntu or openss-devel + openssl-static on RedHat systems. (For Windows, the bpt repository ships with a bundled OpenSSL).


On Windows, you will need to execute the build from within a Visual C++ enabled environment. This may involve launching the build from a Visual Studio Command Prompt.